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Licensed Tour Guide with Nursing Experience

It has been nearly three years since the pandemic started.

Our ways of life and travel have changed drastically over the world. 

So many other unexpected things have been happening, but our passions toward traveling and experiencing different cultures have stayed the same or even got stronger. 


When you choose Japan as your destination and plan to visit, why don't you contact us?  We sincerely would like to guide you to make your stay enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable.  Your safety and wellbeing will be our top priority just as it was before. 


The Tour Plans on this site are based on what our clients took and enjoyed before and after the pandemic, so take them as your sample plans. We can discuss details when we are ready to travel. 

Contact us:

- For All tourists

who want to make their trips as PersonalizedPleasant, and Profound as possible

- For Medical Tourists

who Need Additional Peace of Mind

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