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Tour Plans

  • Recommended for those who are planning their trip to Japan. Travel con...

    45 min

    8,000 Japanese yen
  • One-day tour in Tokyo based on your requests/guide's recommendations

    7 hr

    55,000 Japanese yen
  • Enjoy Tokyo in a fun, relaxing way based on your schedule

    4 hr

    35,000 Japanese yen
  • Enjoyable stroll in the historical area of Tokyo with local tastes

    6 hr

    42,000 Japanese yen
  • One day fun customized tour to Kamakura from Tokyo

    8 hr 30 min

    60,000 Japanese yen
  • Visiting Haknoe area, the popular resort site 100km west from Tokyo

    9 hr 30 min

    60,000 Japanese yen
  • Fun day-excursion from Tokyo for nature & history lovers

    10 hr 30 min

    65,000 Japanese yen
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